Enter Uncharted New Markets and Discover Blue Oceans of Profitable Opportunities – Media Release 2017

Media Release 2017 - by Advantex Media.

For leading Gold Coast business and leadership consultant Michael Yacoub, the only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition.

The philosophy is the basis of Blue Ocean Strategy which creates uncontested market space and unlocks new demand for businesses.

Describing Uber and Airbnb as Blue Ocean ideas, Mr Yacoub is keen to show business people how they can become the disruptor, or at least better prepare for and manage disruptive forces in their industry.

As an accredited Blue Ocean Strategy consultant and the managing director of Advantex Consulting, Mr Yacoub helps owners, executives and managers make their businesses more robust, sustainable and profitable while rendering the competition irrelevant.

Mr Yacoub said the strategy identified and created new markets and turned non-customers into customers.

He likened it to Nintendo’s introduction of the Wii, which expanded computer gaming to age groups and demographics well beyond its traditional youth market.

“Overwhelmingly, businesses have concentrated on the ‘red ocean’, where competitors fight for market dominance, so someone wins market share at the cost of someone else,” he said.

“Blue Ocean Strategy is about creating uncontested market space in your industry; carving out your own niche where no one else is operating.

“It liberates businesses from the costly battles of head-to-head competition to create untapped demand and profitable growth.

“So instead of worrying about what the competition is doing, you make it irrelevant by creating a leap in value for customers and your company.”

Mr Yacoub encouraged business owners, general managers, sales and marketing managers, and heads of departments to learn more about opening up new markets by attending the breakfast.

I want to help businesses to transform; to not just do things better but to reinvent the way they do things and jump the curve,” he said.

Drawing on more than 25 years’ of strategic consulting and business coaching experience, and having owned and operated several multi-million dollar businesses, Mr Yacoub has written dozens of business development books and publications.

He is also the winner of Telstra Business and ASX Enterprise awards.

Most recently, Mr Yacoub took majority ownership and the presidency of Foretune Group, a Gold Coast organisation whose members mix their enthusiasm for golf with business networking. Mr Yacoub says" The reason I was attracted to  Foretune because it's a blue ocean move; It introduced a business model that previously wasn’t applied in the business networking industry and directed its services by targeting high end business owners and corporate leaders."

When members join the Foretune Group they  benefit from the many great opportunities for their business with valuable exposure across the Foretune’s, multiple channels including:

  • Strategic Business Workshops & Seminars
  • Business Breakfast Events
  • Fortune - Strategic Business Circle Meetings
  • Monthly Golf Tournaments
  • Business introductions to specific members that can benefit from each other's services
  • Business coaching & consulting for premium members.
  • Also, they are recognised in all online promotions including Foretune Website with a link to their website, newsletters and event announcements.

Above all, Foretune Business Network presents an amazing opportunity for business leaders to gain access to fast wealth of business tools and resources that will transform the  business and increase their profitability, Mr Yacoub asserts.

Foretune Group was founded in 2011 by co-owner and marketing expert Scott Lyons, who identified a need for business mentorship, social networks and support, particularly for interstate people who had moved to the Gold Coast to start up a business..




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