Golf is the ultimate business tool, here’s why…

It’s obvious that business strongly affiliates itself with golf and many business people see the sport as the grounds for ultimate business opportunities. This is not surprising as golf is the unrivalled sport of business and it’s widely known that where there is golf there is business.

  • 92% of business leaders said, “Playing golf with a business associate is a great way to establish a closer relationship”.
  • 81% agreed, “Playing golf is an ideal way to make new business contacts”.
  • Of the 60 percent of women who play golf with business clients, more than a third said that, “Playing golf resulted in additional business for them”.
  • 58% describe golf as “a perfect way” to get to know business associates!
  • 39% said, “Some of my biggest business deals were made on the golf course”.
  • 49% of business owners see the golf course as an ideal business environment!
  • 38% of business leaders use golf as an “international language” to break language & cultural barriers!
  • 35% of Business decision-makers play Golf!
  • 29% of business executives see golf as ideal to get ahead with their careers!

The differentiating factor of The Foretune Group is that it’s an association for a group of business leaders who share the passion for golf and a burning desire to succeed in business by connecting with like-minded people whom they like and trust. Our members are a mix of business people; those who play golf and others who play the great game of business.

“Golf and the business world have a long and strong association, many successful business people consider golf the perfect way to spend their leisure time on the course connecting with other business leaders, and building mutually beneficial business relationships” - Michael Yacoub

The essence of FORETUNE Group is to be a galvanising force that creates powerful relationships while inspiring our members to strategise, grow, connect and succeed via golf and business.

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