Where to in 2018; Race to Fiji

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the inaugural Race-to-Fiji winner Peter Sander from Airport Transfer Solutions. 


The goal of the Foretune "RACE” is to reward those who support our network and its members.

Members will have the opportunity to accumulate points towards their own “Race” total in 2018.

In 2018 we saw some fantastic results from people who were supporting their fellow members within Foretune. They did this by conducting business directly or by referring a third party.

Through the “Race”, we will reward that support and certainly encourage plenty more of it.

Check out the final 2018 RACE LEADERBOARD


The team are busy finalising the details for our 2018 RACE which will be announced shortly. However, here is how you can earn points and be in the "RACE":

  • 20 Points – For each event participated in
  • 50 Points – Being a paid-up member of Foretune.
  • 10 Points – Third place in any official Foretune event.
  • 10 Points – Per guest player attending a Foretune event.
  • 50 Points – Successfully referring a new Foretune Member.
  • 45 Points – Successfully completing business with Partners & Premium Members (e.g. Fayde Golf, GrafeX)
  • 30 Points – Confirmation of referred business completed between members.
  • 20 Points – Winning any official Foretune event.
  • 15 Points – Second place in any official Foretune event.

For further details about the “Race” or if you would like to become our sponsorship partner in The Race, please contact Scott Lyons on 0421 618 544 or email scott@foretune.com.au