Blue Ocean Strategy Business Breakfast 21 June 2017. Book your seat today!

Create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant!


Blue Ocean Strategy® is the international best practice in innovation strategy. It liberates businesses from the costly battles of head-to-head competition (red oceans) to create untapped demand and profitable growth (blue oceans).

Date: Wednesday 21st June, 2017

Time: Registration from 6.45am for 7am start. Ends 9:30am.

Fee: $45 (Foretune members), $55 non-members

Venue: Southport Golf Club

Join Foretune’s Business Seminars and Workshops

Sun Tzu the great Chinese philosopher once said "Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

At FORETUNE's small business seminars and business workshops, we deploy an effective strategic approach that will help you think and act with the future in mind and align your intentions, capabilities and resources to achieve your long-term goals.

You will be engaged in activities that lead to differentiation in your leadership and business acumen. You will be challenged, serviced, sustained and supported in your endeavors to formulate a wining strategic plan. Identifying your core capabilities and allocating effective combinations of those capabilities, and the management systems are our paramount objectives to help you in realize your business goals.

FORETUNE’s Value Proposition

FORETUNE’s strategic thinking sessions will help you unravel the mysteries of the hectic business world and to harness the powerful forces focus and clarity to your own ends. It means utilizing tools of analysis and tactics to take decisive and prudent business decisions and action that give you the best possible chance of achieving your objectives, whether those objectives are personal or professional. The strategic sessions will enhance your creative inspiration and will allow you to tackle your business’ daily challenges.

We guarantee you will identify the critical factors impacting your business right now that will add profitable value to your enterprise making it investor attractive while acquiring the tools and strategies that will help your business grow by 40-120% within the next twelve months. Given the overwhelming disruptions across many industries, developing the strategic capabilities of today’s business leaders is not a choice but a must.

I loved the narratives in these strategic sessions from so many perspectives. Finally, a forum on strategic leadership that is founded in real world situations from real world business leaders. By far this is definitely the most insightful, practical and most valuable approach to becoming an effective business leader." - Sean Fradley SmarterBiz.