Whether you’re a large organisation or SME or sole trader, publicity is paramount to the success of your business, that’s why FORETUNE Golf & Business currently offers excellent sponsorship opportunities. The various sponsorship opportunities are designed to generate valuable brand exposure for your company across the Gold Coast region.

FORETUNE sponsorship is an affordable and effective way to grow your business and develop a a strong brand. Sponsorship also provides you with the opportunity to entertain your VIP clients, enjoy a round of golf and build long term business relationships.

FORETUNE conducts a minimum of ten golf events and 20 business gatherings every year, giving you great exposure at a very cost-effective price. Our delegates are a mix of Members and visitors from the Gold Coast, Australia and large number of international visitors.

We also host a number of social events during the year that usually attract local community and government representatives and generate additional local media coverage. FORETUNE’s most successful events also include a number of high profile corporate events each year with representatives from local business, sporting groups, and other organisations.

Whatever your business and whatever your needs, we offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities. If you’d like to talk about any of these sponsorship opportunities, or any other ideas you might have, please contact Foretune on 07 5630 6526, or email scott@foretune.com.au.