FORETUNE Group (Previously SEQ Group) was established in 2011 for a community of Golf and Business enthusiasts driven by shared passion for the game, the desire to connect with other business leaders and a burning desire to succeed and grow. Through regular golfing tournaments and business events across the Gold Coast, the membership-based FORETUNE Group enables local business owners to grow their network of contacts and open up new opportunities while improving their golf game.

There are tangible benefits for the Gold Coast as FORETUNE promotes its golf and business events nationwide and on the international arena to attract business leaders and corporations. FORETUNE is seen as a great platform to introduce new businesses leaders who come to the Gold Coast to establish new business.

Shared Vision

Our Purpose is to be the galvanising force that creates powerful relationships while inspiring our members to strategise, grow, connect and succeed via golf and business.

Golf and the business world have long had a strong association. It’s a known fact that successful business people consider golf as the perfect avenue to spend their leisure time while connecting with like-minded people. Organisations large and small participate; utilising golf events as a means to show appreciation to their business partners, employees and associates.  There is also compelling evidence that golf can enhance your business growth, your business acumen and therefore help you develop professionally and personally.

Whether you want to play with work colleagues, business associates and clients or simply connect with other golfers– you’ll enjoy the amazing benefits of being a FORETUNE member.

Here’s how FORETUNE Golf & Business can enhance your agility and your business

  • Connect with colleagues and business leaders

Golf is the most sociable sport that provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and make meaningful and lasting connections with business leaders, colleagues and business partners. It gives you ample time to share your passion for golf and to communicate with fellow golfers on the course and in the clubhouse, or Hole 19 as it is commonly known.  Furthermore, golf is an exciting shared subject matter that can provide you with a common goal and conversation opener whenever you meet other people.

  • FORETUNE Golf & Business can help your personal and professional development

Whilst golf nurtures your mind and body it also presents you with exciting challenges – both physically and mentally. Like business, golf is all about tactics, techniques and focus – so it’s great for honing all the key mental skills that help you get ahead in your professional life.  FORETUNE Business can help you learn to handle business challenges, think strategically and build up your business acumen so that you don’t just survive but thrive in the business world. We ensure that at every event you will be given the opportunity to stand up and introduce your business’ services and products

  • FORETUNE teaches you how to create a work-life balance

Getting out of your office space and joining others in the beautiful natural surroundings for a relaxing game of golf will allow you to switch off and change gear thus helping you combat the stresses and strains of your working life. The FORETUNE Business Circle and the strategic zone program will also allow you to focus on the actions and activities that have greater positive impact on your business.

  • Game Changers

As a visionary business leader you will love FORETUNE business Circle sessions; it’s a game changing exercise in business development and strategic thinking. The roundtable discussion will help you realise your business strategy and conceive a breakthrough success path that will brighten the outcomes of your business plan. In particular we apply the Blue Ocean Strategy frameworks to help you find uncontested market space, create a leap in value for your business and your customers whilst making your competition irrelevant.

  • Quarterly strategic 3-hour sessions with Advantex Consulting at your premises or at Advantex head office

Business leaders of today are faced with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and fast moving change; the value of effective strategic thinking and strategic planning has never been higher.

 What if you could implement successful strategies in your business and develop clear leadership choices that will enable you to outthink your competition?

Join FORETUNE’s immersive big picture approach sessions that will build your strategic awareness and business acumen by developing your strategic leadership so that you can take your enterprise to the highest level. The quarterly strategic session process will provide you with a deep understanding of the feasible steps required to align your business with your intended strategic objectives  resulting in an action plan

  • Learn the Secrets Behind Some of the World’s Most Successful Businesses
  • Develop Strategic Leadership & Decision Making Skills
  • Learn Financial Literacy
  • Design & Build a Culture of Innovation & Creativity
  • Develop and Acquire Negotiation and Influence Skills
  • Achieve Resilient Leadership
  • Build Market Leadership and Strategic Marketing
  • Manage Faster, Better and Smarter Growth Strategies
  • Obtain Strategic Awareness and Business Acumen
  • Learn About Mergers, Acquisitions & Exit Strategies
  • Examine & Evaluate Relevant Case Studies


You will be equipped with the required tools to formulate, communicate and execute strategies that drive sustainable competitive advantage, scalable operation and robust margins for your business.

FORETUNE business offers fresh thinking, innovative and creative solutions and ideas to help you grow your businesses by 40-100% and increase profitability by 50% within the first twelve months. You will learn practical tactics required to drive strategies that will decrease your stress, optimise your team and increase resilience in yourself and your team.