Foretune Business Circle is exclusive and at no charge to Foretune members and their guests whom come together to discuss current business trends and strategies while connecting and driving profitable business ideas.

We are a group of highly motivated business owners who are committed to growing personally and professionally. We meet regularly and are focused on leveraging the power of many minds coming together for a single purpose - to foster personal and professional growth and development and therefore, drive business results, and realise the attainment of our business goals through strategic thinking. Every time we meet, we enjoy a stimulating conversation, gain new perspectives and benefit from the encouragement to push through our own glass ceiling.  Each meeting includes facilitated rounds of discussion addressing there questions to each member. These questions are designed to  ensure all members get equal opportunity to share their business expertise and strategic thinking.

The discussion is followed by ‘Ignition Plan’ sessions: a commitment engine, powered by an Actionable Plan, which allows our members to create a commitment for business growth and personal development.

Advantages of the Foretune Business Circle:

  • You strengthen your connection within your business network of supportive, like-minded professional people who are striving to be the best they can be and offer many options that magnify your results.
  • Foretune Business Circle’ size of maximum of 12 business owners is designed to attract those with a strong commitment to their own success. The small group size allows for deeper exploration and more personal support.
  • Identify solutions and opportunities and connect with others who can identify with what you are going through.
  • Clarity, accountability and focus to move forward to your vision. You’ll be held accountable for the implementation and follow-through of your action plans.

“The power of Foretune Business Circle stems from the willingness of our members to share their cumulative experience and expertise. Collectively, we are stronger through diversity…Some are great at sales. Some are great at product development. Some are running multimillion dollar businesses and some are outstanding strategic thinkers.”  - Michael Yacoub

Foretune Business Circle is exclusive to the Foretune Group members and their guests. 

Do you want to implement successful strategies in your business and develop clear leadership choices that will enable you to out-think your competition?

The FORETUNE Business Circle is a strategic zone created exclusively for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and specifically designed for business leaders who want to keep growing, succeed, network with like-minded people and have fun doing it all. We apply thoroughly proven process communicated by leaders and articulates how to multiply your income and how to attain financial freedom and  create simplicity in every area of your life. We promise to be the undisputed source for our members to reach their full leadership & business growth potential, ultimately transforming their business into a profitable  and sustainable enterprise.

Foretune Business Circle is aimed at helping you gain valuable insight and a greater sense of business acumen that will create breakthrough results for you and your business.

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